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With ESTO’s credit line you pay interest only for the amount in use with a flexible repayment schedule.

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Google review

Liked their customer service via the live-chat! Their credit line is not cheap, but is a good safety pillow to have

Google review

Really good and fast service. Also if have issues with service they answer quickly and polite way and try to find solution fast as possible and keep you on track how things going on. Nothing else than positive to say about Esto! Highly recommended!

Google review

Fast and very businesslike service. All the questions were answered quickly, matter-of-factly and thoroughly, and based on all this, I dare to recommend and encourage you to try ;-)

Google review

Excellent service, worked several times, each time an exceptionally positive experience. Of all the companies that provided instalment plans, in my opinion, the most loyal and favourable conditions are interest-free instalment plans. I recommend

Google review

First time taking any sort of loan... It’s a stressful process and required income for a proper loan is high. But they were helpful and kind.

Frequently asked questions

What is ESTO Credit line, and why should I use it?

ESTO Credit Line is an overdraft facility for an unspecified term. The sum of credit repayment is voluntary, obligatory is for the customer to pay only a minimum monthly installment, which is 1/36 of the credit amount taken plus monthly interest.

The ESTO Credit Line is a perfect tool to cover your daily expenses. It is your personal open-ended credit limit. The credit can be used by transferring funds from your Credit line to your personal bank account. Account activation and contract signing are absolutely free, and you can use your credit line right after the agreement is signed. As a client, you do not have any obligations to ESTO if you have just an opened credit line. Obligations to ESTO start when you start utilizing the credit line - withdraw the credit money from the credit line to your personal bank account.

How can I make a Credit line withdrawal?

You can make withdrawals from your Credit Line up to your credit limit. The amount that you can withdraw is called available credit and it’s calculated as:

  • available credit = credit limit - unpaid (utilized) principal

The withdrawal amount is transferred to your bank account. To make a money transfer just log in to the ESTO self-service

What are the terms and conditions of a Credit line?

The Credit line conditions are personal, vary from customer to customer, and the system takes into account different factors during the scoring process. The terms and conditions that are offered to you are visible at the moment of signing the contract in the Credit line. If you have already signed the Credit line, you will be able to view your terms and conditions by logging into ESTO self-service.

How long does it take for Credit line withdrawal to arrive at my bank account?

Withdrawal to your personal bank account takes 1 business day. If your withdrawal does not reach your bank account within 1 day, please contact customer support.

If you made the transfer on a Friday afternoon or weekend, the funds will be credited to your bank account on the first business day.

Where can I find the Credit line contract?

You can check your Credit line contract by logging into our self-service at You can download the contract from the “loan agreements” section.

Are there any fees for Credit line withdrawals and how are they deducted?

When withdrawing money from your ESTO credit line, there is a fixed withdrawal commission which is also stated in your credit line agreement. The withdrawal fee is deducted directly from the withdrawal amount. If it is an instant withdrawal, the instant withdrawal fee is added to the next monthly invoice.

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