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Advertise for free your products in the ESTO Market - the largest online marketplace in the Baltics.

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Integrate ESTO payment solutions to your shop

Become ESTO partner and get the full marketing boost

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Online boost

We offer full marketing support to achieve better sales results. Our team will provide you with a starter kit with ESTO logos, visuals, product descriptions that sell and complete information about ESTO payment methods that you can add to your website.

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Offline boost

We provide you with a variety of Point of Sale marketing materials, from designed stickers to table stands and information manuals.

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Training for your employees

Our managers provide the full training for your employees so that they learn more about how to sell better with ESTO.

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Email marketing boost

Get the possibility to deliver your offers to our extensive user base of shoppers that are always on the lookout for new products and deals.

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Social media shout-outs

We offer an opportunity to post and share the information about your best deals in our social media posts, stories and ads.

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Collaborative Promotions
and discounts

We welcome the opportunity to co-create deals and campaigns with your brand and share them with our hundreds of thousands of customers database.

Integrate ESTO to your shop

Reach more customers

List your business at ESTO Market and get access to hundreds of thousands of new customers.

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Integrate ESTO with your store and list your offers in the ESTO Market.

Get more customers

Our Market drives hundreds of thousands of new users to your store.

Promote your best-
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Offer discounts and get more sales with ESTO marketing support

Gain real-time data
on your store performance

Manage orders and take a closer look at your shop stats with ESTO analytics tools.