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Discover a new way to recycle money!

Get the most out of your previous purchases with Switch. Upload your purchase invoice, choose the amount and we will transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of getting your money back, and use the money you receive as you wish.

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ESTO Switch - Your smart partner in recycling money.

Use Switch to give your budget some breathing room. The easy application.process and fast repayment make it an ideal choice.

Get cash back on your previous purchases - an easy and convenient way to increase your financial flexibility.

Simple terms

Get the money
from your previous expenses
to your bank account and pay back in 30 days with 0% interest.

Switch Guide

How it works

Step 1

Upload your invoice and indicate the amount
of money you would like to get back.

Step 2

Review and sign
the pay-later (credit line) agreement.

Step 3

Get the money
to your personal bank account.

Step 4

Use the money interest-free
for 30 days. No fees applied.

Step 5

Choose the repayment schedule
that suits you and pay back within 30 days.

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