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How to Pay Later

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Visit ESTO Market and choose a store

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Select ESTO Pay Later in the store checkout, or mention it when paying in a physical store

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Frequently asked questions

How do you apply for a loan?

If getting back takes place after the bill uploading and approving the request. We transfer the money to your bank account immediately after signing the credit agreement.

How much can I borrow at once? How much can I borrow at once?

You can make withdrawals from your Credit line up to your credit limit. The amount that youcan withdraw is called available credit and it’s calculated as: available credit = credit limit - unpaid (utilized) principal.

The withdrawal amount is transferred to your bank account. To make a money transfer just log in to theESTO self-service

How fast is the loan decision after applying? How fast is the loan decision after applying?

ESTO Credit line conditions are personal, vary from customer to customer, and depend on a lot of factors the system takes into account during the scoring process. The terms and conditions that are offered to you are visible at the moment of signing the contract in the Credit line contract. If you have already signed the ESTO account settlement credit contract, you will be able to view your terms and conditions by logging into ESTO self-service.

Where is the consumer loan repayment early option?

Withdrawal to your personal bank account takes 1 business day. If your withdrawal does not reach your bank account within 1 day, please contact customer support.

If you made the transfer on a Friday afternoon or weekend, the funds will be credited to your bank account on the first business day.

Read more about Credit Line
for businesses

Are you an e-shop owner?

ESTO 3 allows your clients to divide their shopping cart into 3-equal parts, without extra fees. Integrate ESTO 3-part payment method to your e-shop already today!

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